YouPorn is for sale

YouPorn is for sale
Yes, if you have saved up around 100 million dollars, you could buy YouPorn put on sale these days by its thirty-five years old owner Fabian Thylmann, but it may not be enough because it seems that the shares for sale are already intended for a group of top managers, so in essence everything is already agreed.
The reasons for the sale are not known precisely, but among the rumors runs the hypothesis of a possible lack of professional aspirations on the part of the owner, but this could also be a strategic move to dampen the investigation of an alleged tax evasion that dangles the entire company.
A bit of numbers: since its birth (2006) it seems that YouPorn has marked the milestone of 93 billion of total visits from which around 5 billion in 2012.

Avn Awards 2013 - Porn Oscars, here are the names

As every year, actors, actresses, directors and various manufacturers receive the AVN Awards, the Porn Oscars so today we will inform you on those who have conquered some. Let's start from the best actress: Lily Carter.
The best hardcore scene goes to Alexis Ford and Nacho Vidal, who have played in Alexis Ford Darkside.
The protagonist of the best oral sex scene is Lexi Belle and the best porn parody is won by the Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody.

Sexy gallery: beauty of the details

Sexy gallery beauty of the details 12Have you ever noticed how important details are?
Because we are talking about how important details are, we propose you today some sexy pics with women forms seen up close, with lights and shadows that stand out of the light shades of the skin so with more details women are even more beautiful! But it is not only beauty, it is also fantasy, fantasy to imagine the rest according to our desires. So here is a sexy gallery of feminine details up close created by Digital Desire. More sexy babes details after "read more" button...Enjoy!

Sex with a robot woman?

In the beginning were just the blow-up dolls. And all the literary tradition teaches us that these are quite popular and apreciated by the masculine gender, so that their evolution can be expected to be shaped in the likeness of any human woman.

What are the best times to have sex

What are the best times to have sex? Should we prefer a time of the day than another one? The answer to these questions is the classic "there's no time for sex, sex is always good" or is there an answer more thorough? Let's think about it very good and to do it let's consider a particular variable, the daily life: unfortunately this variable plays an important role in a couple's life; work, children and the commitments of the day "steal" us a great part of our time and of our energy that we would otherwise lose to make love and, therefore a person who lives with this frenzy can devote little time to sexual life. For him/her times good for sex are reduced in the morning, immediately after lunch or, of course, in the evening. But how can you choose between the three moments to have sex?

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