Erotic video: sexy food

Who ever said that only the banana is an erotic food? In this erotic video you can see some other sexy food that can be used in erotic games. Enjoy!

Sexy babe with no bra is cooking lunch

French chef Pat churns out a delicious recipe for lunch. Pat, always accompanied by his faithful assistant and her beautiful small tities, will teach you how to cook the mexican chicken. Enjoy!

Sexy babes in ping pong match

In this spicy bizarre video you can see some sexy crazy chicks having fun in a ping-pong match. The rule is whoever loses get undress and if one of these sexy babes behave badly she will get her ass spanked with ping pong rackets. Enjoy this sexy video!

Boob cakes - an original birthday cake

Boob cakes - an original birthday cake 1
Here's the perfect cake for your birthday from the legal age of course. Two big sweet tits in various colors with different types of sexy sweet lingerie. You can choose your b-day cake between the naked pair of boobs and the cleavage version. Enjoy!

The big book of Pussy by Dian Hanson

The big book of pussy is a part of the books written and designed by the legendary Dian Hanson, the same woman who "created" the soft pornography and exacly that one dedicated specially to women. The big book of pussy is an illustrated book which shows how female genitalia evolved in the last 30 years in different geographical regions on the planet. If you feel interesed in this book you can find it on - The Big Book of Pussy at the modest price of 30 euros!

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